Silver Crown


Silver Crown is an independent production company based in Brooklyn.

New Team Members

Silver Crown is a house of talent, where skilled freelancers in various fields come together under one "roof" to talk ideas, create great work for clients, and support each others projects. We are so happy to introduce you to the following new members of the SC family: Sarah Tricker, Adam Henry Garcia, Megan Webber, Jesse Kennedy, and Kyle Lasky + Julia Haas!

Check out The Team page to learn more about each of these talented artists and the multitude of skills they bring to the table. We all look forward to working with you!

Springtime + Floria

After a long Winter, we're happy to report that Spring has finally arrived in Brooklyn! With the new season, we're happy to announce a new client:

Floria is not only an incredibly successful Realtor in California's beautiful East Bay, she's also an avid meditater, painter, teacher, and philanthropist. Plus, she's a pretty solid tennis player! We're thrilled to have this Ace on board and look forward to sharing more with you all soon. Keep checking our FB page for more updates!

Facebook Page

They say it ain't official until it's on Facebook! Well, we don't know who "they" are but we do realize the importance + power of social media and are happy to play ball. Check us out HERE!

Give us a "like" and we'll update you on what we're up to and what we're into. Don't worry, we won't be bombarding your wall with buzzfeed quizzes. We make no promises on animal-related content.